Ramon’s yoga journey started in 2013, on his search for a healthier and more balanced life. A few years later he decided to travel to India to deepen his knowledge and practice of yoga and meditation, living in ashrams and completing his 500hrs yoga teacher training.

His practice started with traditional hatha, that slowly transformed into stronger vinyasa classes that also opened the door to advanced arm balancing. For Ramon, yoga is a practice with endless space for growth, but especially a tool to turn inward to reset the mind and body.

After teaching pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) for a few years, he decided to dive deeper into the scientific part of the breath, and then got totally thrilled about it. After finishing a breath-coach training he decided to go on training with one of the best breath-work teachers he could find, Kasper van der Meulen. Learning so much more about any aspect of the breath during his masterclasses, he became a level 2 Breathwork Professional and is very excited to teach people how to optimize the breath to optimize health. 

Currently Ramon has taught over 4000 classes varying from Traditional Hatha, Pranayama, meditation and Yin, to Vinyasa, arm balancing, and workshops in modern breath-work. His goal is to let the people leave the class feeling stronger, happy, and free from stress or tensions.