About me

On my search for a healthier and more balanced life, I found the path of yoga and meditation. After experiencing the positive impact on my physical and mental health, I started deepening my knowledge of yoga and meditation. A few years later in 2015, I decided to travel to India to complete my 500hrs yoga teacher training. Living in ashrams, I experienced the deepest meanings of yoga. Since 2016, I spread my knowledge here in Amsterdam with love and joy. While keeping students aware of their breath, my goal is to let them leave the class, stronger, more flexible, and most importantly, free from any stress of tensions. 

After teaching pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) for a few years, I decided to dive deeper into the scientific part of the breath, and then got totally thrilled about it. After finishing a breath-coach training I decided to go on training with one of the best breathwork teachers I know, Kasper van der Meulen. Learning so much more about any aspect of the breath during his masterclasses, I became a level 2 Breathwork Professional, and am very excited to teach people all the magic that can happen by just using the breath.